Monday, August 10, 2009

Will Rod Johnson be the next Marc Fleury?

Yesterday VMware announced it is going to acquire SpringSource for around $420 million. They expect the deal to be closed in Q3 2009. This means not only acquiring the Spring framework, but also Groovy, Grails, SpringSource tc Server (Apache Tomcat), SpringSource dm Server, Roo, etc.

As a Java developer I'm making use of a lot of SpringSource products (Spring framework, Groovy, Grails) so I'm wondering what this will mean for us. The VMware blog stated that the Spring framework (and I assume the same counts for the other products) will stay open and that Rod Johnson will continue to lead SpringSource. Let's hope Rod will not go on a "Paternity Leave" like Marc Fleury did ;-)

I think a lot of attention will go to cloud computing. Both the VMware blog and SpringSource Team Blog speak a lot about it. To quote Rod Johnson: "Working together with VMware we plan on creating a single, integrated, build-run-manage solution for the data center, private clouds, and public clouds". Also Graeme Rocher (Head of Grails Development - SpringSource) tweeted that we can expect exciting developments around Grails + Cloud coming in the not too distant future.

The VMware SpringSource acquisition also means my latest prophecy that Oracle will buy SpringSource someday needs a slight change... I think Oracle will buy VMware someday.

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Frans Thamura's Global Opinion said...

VMWare part of EMC, that is amazing future, storage company, virtualiszation, OSGI based company