Sunday, March 25, 2007

Google Personalized Homepage

I think a week ago or something I enabled the Google Personlized Homepage, which resulted in a homepage full of news feeds relevant to my locale settings. This weekend I customized my homepage, by removing and adding Google Gadgets. I ended up with a single homepage containing a couple of news feeds of pages I normally read, a ToDO list, simple GMail & Google Calendar integration, localized weather news, Babelfish translation and a Wikipedia search box. And all of this on just 1 page!

The Google Gadgets directory contains a lot of useful Gadgets and news feeds. If the RSS or Atom feed is not in the directory (yet), you can also directly add an item to your personlized page by pointing to a RSS or Atom url.

Off course I created a new personlized page containing all the news feeds related to Grails, so I can see the latest activity very easily ;-)

If you want to add them to your own personlized page just click the links below:

Grails Announcements Add to Google

Grails User List Add to Google

Grails Dev List Add to Google

Grails JIRA Activity Add to Google

Grails Build Status Add to Google

Monday, March 12, 2007

Grails Frappr Map

Recently I've created a Grails Frappr Map to see where the Grails users and committers are located. It's just nice to know where people you talk to on the mailing lists live. And maybe you will find out your neighbor is also using Grails!