Monday, April 20, 2009

The prophecy has come true! SpringSource next?

This aftenoon I received an e-mail from an old colleague that the Prophecy has come true (he was calling me Morpheus ;-): Oracle announced it entered into an agreement to acquire Sun.

Cool that just 1 month ago I finally blogged about this! I was thinking about this for years. I guess Mr. Larry Ellison had finally found my personal blog then ;-)

But seriously, what will this merger mean for us Java developers and for IT industry in general? In the past Oracle and Sun were very complementary, but the last years they became competitors also. Think about Sun acquiring MySQL and Oracle acquiring BEA Systems (including it's J2EE BEA WebLogic application server).

I guess Oracle will try to keep Java adopted as much as possible (it's in their own interest), but I don't think this will count for MySQL and GlassFish. I guess we will see a lot of other products being merged in the future, like NetBeans and JDeveloper. Time will tell, but it will definitely have some impact!

I will end with some new prophecies:

  • Within 2 years Grails will be the leading platform for Java web development.

  • Groovy will be the most dominant dynamic language on the JVM (Uhhhh, actually I don't think this is a prophecy but reality already).

  • By 2012 a lot of Java developers are using Groovy without even knowing they are actually using Groovy.

  • Someday Oracle will buy SpringSource.

  • Very soon there will be a nice Groovy module for easily developing small Google App Engine applications.


Anonymous said...

O(ne) R(ich) A(sshole) C(alled) L(arry) E(llison)

Raman Mittal said...

Hey Marcel

I am delighted to see your old prophecy coming true and over delighted to see your new prophecies.

I have the same feeling as yours about Groovy & Grails. I am just waiting for Grails to explode.

We as a company are totally focused on this highly productive framework. And yes, Groovy is the most dynamic language on JVM.

I would definitely follow your blogs, may be I hit upon a fortune by virtue of your prophecies :)



Anonymous said...

Groovy+AppEngine is already well on it's way with the Grails AppEngine plugin, Burt Beckwith's Grails Lite implementation and Guillaume's Groovlets demos as three potential starting points.

exciting times.

Marcel Overdijk said...


I can tell you there is more to come related to Groovy/GAE ;-)

Lukasz said...

Hi Marcel,

And what is your feeling about JavaFX?