Wednesday, March 18, 2009

IBM buying Sun?

Some news sites (1, 2) today are reporting that IBM is in talks to buy Sun in a deal for at least $6.5 billion.

Off course this is some interesting news and might have some impact on Java and Java related products from Sun (GlassFish, NetBeans, ...). The future will tell us.

The reason I'm blogging about this that I'm believing for years that Oracle's Larry Ellison would step up one day and buy Sun. It would make a lot of sense in my opionion. Oracle is really attached to Java and they are involved in many JSR's. With buying Sun and thus Java they would have real strong voice in which Java would be heading. They would also have their own operating system which is one the less things they don't have at the moment. You can then have a stack like Oracle Solaris, Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Application Server and Oracle Applications. And there is a lot more, think about MySQL!

For once and all I want to write down this prediction, so if it would happen once (and this seems not the case right now) I can tell I had predicted it ;-).

PS: If I had a chrystal ball I was bying a lotery ticket right now.


Anonymous said...

Your prediction is 100% accurate. Hope things will turn out to be good for both Sun and Oracle.

Anonymous said...

OMG It is coming true!
You should have advised us to buy stocks ;)


Marcel Overdijk said...

Damn I maybe should have bought some stocks myself ;-) I guess Larry Ellison finally found my blog ;-)