Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grails 1.1 I18n Templates and Message Digest Plugin Released

Grails 1.1 was released just a couple of hours ago but I like to announce the availability of the updated I18n Templates Plugin already. Check out the link for more details.

Besides the I18n Templates Plugin I also released another new Message Digest Plugin this evening. This simple plugin provides message digest codecs (currently SHA1 and SHA1Hex) to encode strings easily:

"some string".encodeAsSHA1Hex()

To be honest I think I've "stolen" these codecs from Marc Palmer some time ago... I was working on some home project in which I needed them again so it was time to make a plugin out of it, so everyone can benefit from it. The plugin currently only supports SHA1 and SHA1Hex codecs but I might extend it in the future with MD5 codecs and some other convienient message digesting stuff. Feature requests or patches can be raised at the Grails Plugins JIRA issue tracker.


Rudie said...

Great news. I've been using the plugin a lot. Thanks for updating!

uly6 said...

Will xtemplates plugin updated to work with grails 1.1 release?

Marcel Overdijk said...

Hi uly6,

With Grails 1.1 the XTemplates plugin became obsolete. The functionality was moved to Grails core except the Helper class part. Maybe you can just call a Helper class from your src folder. Let me know if it works.


uly6 said...

Hi Marcel,

I move the Helper class to the src folder and it works fine.
I make all methods static in the Helper class and in the create/edit views import the Helper and call ${Helper.renderEditor(p)}.

Thanks for helping me!