Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ref Code plugin

Back in my days as Oracle Designer developer we had a nice CG_REF_CODES table in which we could store (semi)-static domains. You can think about these domains as simple code/description lookup tables; for example OrderStatus, OrganizationType, MaritalState etc. As these lookups only contained codes and descriptions it's not worth creating specific tables. That's why we had this CG_REF_CODES tables; we stored all these simple domains, and it's allowable values in 1 simple table.

As this is convienient for any application I created a simple Grails plugin which provides the same functionality. You can store all your simple reference codes in a single table, and use it to render dropdown boxes or validate user input in custom constraints. Have a look at


Armand Janssen said...

Nice plugin! How would you handle translations of the descriptions?

Marcel Overdijk said...

Hee Armand,

Currently not supported. But definitely on my list for version 0.2.

kouPhax said...

Excellent plug-in. I plan on documenting a small tutorial that will include the use of this plugin. Thanks.


Marcel Overdijk said...

Would be nice. Please post a link here and on the Grails wiki. I wanted to this myself, but didn't find the time yet.