Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ext plugin discontinued

I just want to mention that I decided to discontinue working on the Ext (Scaffolding) plugin for Grails.

The reason is Ext's recent license change (1, 2, 3, 4) to GPL v3. Although the Ext team has announced some Open Source FLOSS exceptions, for me it's end of the line here Ext concerned.


Anonymous said...

What framework are you going to use now?


Chrigel said...

Understandable but still a pity!

I was just settling for grails & ext together with your plugin, and then those news. The whole discussion about what is allowed and what not left me even more confused.

Do you see any worthy alternatives to ext-js?

Anonymous said...

Repeat in Dojo! :)))

I hear Dojo is more flexible anyway, and other frameworks adopted it

dahernan said...

Good reason to leave.

What about doing scaffold with your YUI plugin?

Marcel Overdijk said...

I'm not in the need for a framework to use at the moment. I was just craeting the Ext scaffolding for fun.

I'm also (still) confused about what is allowed or not. I had choosen Ext because I think it was the most advanced javascript library including nice looking widgets out of the box. I know the OpenExt project was started but it's difficult to say how it will eveolve and if you want to choose it as a basis. I think Yahoo UI! is also a good alternative but not as advanced as Ext.

I was also thinking spending some time on creating YUI based scaffolding. I started this in the first place but switched to Ext as it was more advanced.


Leo said...

Possibly jQuery is also worth to take a look.

Marcel Overdijk said...


As far as I could see the muber of provided jQuery UI widgets is limited at the moment. For exmaple there is nothing like a data table.