Thursday, July 9, 2009

2nd NLGUG Meetup

Yesterday was the 2nd NLGUG (Dutch Groovy and Grails User Group) meetup in Baarn (close to Amsterdam).
As I live in the south of The Netherlands (close to Maastricht) attenting the meetup meant a 2-hour drive home. So at 00.10 I arrived home, tired, but it was worth it!

The meetup was organized by Erik Pragt and was hold at the VX Company headquarters. We really need to meetup up at Valid's new V-Tower at Eindhoven Flight Forum one day! Perhaps somewhere in October or November when we are settled in.

I must admit that I was not really attracted by the subject: iWebKit
But Sebastien Blanc's workshop turned out to be really fun and impressive!
After a short presentation we did a workshop by building our own Twitter client for the iPhone. And guess what it even worked and looked nice on my Android phone. Now iWebKit only need to support native Android look and feel (feature request?).

We used the Grails iWebKit Plugin (developed by Sebastien himself) and the Twitter Plugin and it's so impressive and cool to see that with a couple lines of code you can build a Twitter client for your mobile. Sebastien promised to put the workshop online so the rest of the world can try it to.

I guess there were around 15 attendees and it's really great to see how enthousiastic they are. Grails also lives in The Netherlands! Hope next time there will be even more people. Check out some photo's of the meetup.

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Erik Pragt said...

Hi Marcel,

It was really nice to meet, and I'm glad you liked it. Next time I hope we'll organize something a little bit closer to (your) home!