Friday, April 11, 2008

Update on Ext Scaffolding

I'm making some progress on the Ext Scaffolding for Grails.
Currently I can generate all CRUD functionality for a simple domain class with String properties.

It's done by overriding the default scaffolding templates (aka grails install-templates). So when finished the Ext plugin will contain a plugin to install these templates, which then can be used with the generate-all command.

See below some additional screenshots.


ibmsoft said...

can not wait for it

Matthew Taylor said...

Looking forward to seeing this! Thanks, Marcel.

Marcel Overdijk said...

If you want to try the progress I have made you can retrieve the current status from grails-plugins svn repository at codehaus ( The sources are included in the grails-ext plugin.

Just checkout the latest sources, package the plugin and install into your own application. Then there is script install-ext-templates avalaible. Run it before your normal grails generate-all [domain-class] and you have a nice Ext front-end.

Note that only handles String properties yet.

I hope I can make some progress this week.. I will be present at the Dutch J-Spring mini conference next Wednesday so my time is limited this week.

Paja said...

Great job! Thanks, Marcel. I tried the current revision and UI looks really pretty (if using String fields only).

By simple modification of method renderDateEditor in renderEditor.template (so that it returns a field of xtype 'datefield') it was also possible to edit Date field. Unfortunately, the JS wrapper that processes parameters for controller's update method now processes everything as String values even for datefield component, so the application fails to 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot convert value of type [java.lang.String] to required type [java.sql.Date] for property bornDate: no matching editors or conversion strategy found' when trying to save. This will be probably working soon :-).

Marcel, do you have any plan of how much time in April/May you will spend on this plugin? I'm considering whether to use grails-ext for one tiny commercial project or not, cause the combination of grails and ext really impressed me. But I'm sure I wouldn't be able to debug all problems, since I don't have much time. On the other hand, every real usage of the plugin will move it forward.