Monday, September 3, 2007

Grails 1.0 on the horizon

Last week Grails 0.6 was released and the 1.0 release is coming closer every day now!

The 0.6 release contained the following key features:

  • Joint Groovy/Java Compilation

  • Spring Web Flow Integration

  • Support for Spring scopes to allow scoped services

  • Improved support for REST with automatic XML/JSON marshalling and RESTful URL mappings

  • New Config DSL for configuration not possible by convention

  • Refreshed scaffolding interface and branding

  • Support for Sitemesh inline decorators

  • Controllers can now call tag libraries as methods

  • New GSP tags

  • Massive improvements to speed of start-up time, unit tests and generation tools

Besides the great Spring Web Flow integration, and out-of-the-box support for rendering XML and JSON responses (formerly known as the Converters plugin), also the scaffolding views were revamped. Scaffolding now provides a professional and good looking user interface. Take a look below!

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